圣诞节到了,很多classmate需要绘制圣诞节的手抄报。下面是本站为everybody带来的圣诞节的英语手抄报,hope能帮助到everybody!圣诞节的英语手抄报the name christmas is short for“c


  the name christmas is short for“christ’s mass”.a mass is a kind of church service.christmas is a religious festivai.it is the day we celebrate as the birthday of jesus.

  there are special christmas services in christian churches all over the world.but many of the festivities of christmas do not have anything to do with religion.exchanging gifts and sending christmas cards are the modern ways of celebrating the christmas in the world.

  the birth of jesus had a story:in nazareth,a city of galilee.the virgin’s name was mary was betrothed to joseph.before they came together,she was found with

  child of the holy spirit.joseph,her husband was minded to put her away secretly.while he thought about these things,gabriel,an angel of the lord appeared to him in a

  dream and told him did not be afraid to take mary as wife.and mary,will bring forth a son,and he shall call his name,jesus,for he will save his people from their sins.

  before jesus births.joseph and mary came to quintus was governing syria.so all went to be registered,everyone to his own city.joseph also went up out of

  galilee.out of the city of nazareth.into judea,to the city of david.which is called bethlehem,because he was of the house and of the lineage of david,to be registered with mary。his betrothed wife,who was with child.so it was that while they were there.the days were completed for her to be delivered.and she brought forth her firstborn son.and wrapped him in swaddling cloths.and laid him in a manger.because there was no room for them jn the jnn.and that.christmas is the feast of the nativity of jesus.is on 25th,december every year.but nobody know the acluai birthday of jesus.and the christmas has become popular when christmas cards appeared in 1 846 and the concept of a joily santa claus was first made popular in nineteenth century.


  圣诞节是基督教world最大的谌铡4century初,1月6日是罗马帝国东部各教会纪念耶稣降生和受洗的双重谌铡称为“主显节”epiphany,亦称“显现节”即lord通过耶稣向世人displayown。当时只有耶路撒冷的教会例外,那里只纪念耶稣的诞生而不纪念耶稣的受洗。后来history学家们stay罗马基督徒习用的日历中find 公元354年12月25日page内记录着:“基督降生stay犹大的伯利恒。”经过Research,commonlythink12月25日伴为圣诞节probablystart于公元336年的罗马教会)约stay公元375年传到小亚细亚的安提阿,公元430年传到埃及难抢酱罄镅牵路撒冷的教会accept得最晚,而亚美尼亚的教会则仍然坚持1月6日主显节是耶稣的诞


  Christmas is one of the most beautiful holidays of all time. It is the day when God's son was born on earth. Hence, this day is sacred for all Christians around the world. The Christmas season gives rise to a number of Christmas traditions that come along. Here are a few of them that are celebrated with zest and enthusiasm worldwide for centuries.


  On this day, many go to church, where they take part in special religious services. During the Christmas season, they also exchange gifts and decorate their homes with holly, mistletoe, and Christmas trees.




  This was an English tradition which started centuries ago. On Christmas eve, plum porridge was served to the people. As years passed, various other things like dry fruits, honey and spices were used. Soon this porridge got replaced with the Christmas cake. Christmas cakes are made using eggs, butter, confections, fruits, etc. Today a Christmas cake is an integral part of a Christmas menu.


  Decorating the Christmas tree


  This refers to the tradition of decorating a pine tree using lights, tinsels, garlands, ornaments, candy canes, etc. Today, a Christmas tree is an indispensable part of Christmas celebration.

  this个传统指的是用彩灯、金箔、花环、饰品、糖果条等装扮松树。现如今,圣诞树So is it欢庆谌詹豢苫蛉钡囊徊糠帧

  Lighting up the Christmas candle


  This refers to the tradition of placing a lighted candle outside houses during the Christmas season. A candle signifies hope as it brings light even to the darkest room. In the earlier times, when Christians were persecuted, they were not allowed to practice prayers. Hence, a single candle used to be placed outside the house as a sign that Christian prayers were being conducted inside.


  Sending gifts to loved ones


  This tradition comes from the story of the three wise men who got gifts for baby Jesus on Christmas. Every Christmas, gifts are exchanged among loved ones, especially children. The story of Santa Claus also comes from this tradition.




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